Educational Consulting Services

 Contact:; (C) 401.714.4667

Faculty Affairs:

  • Faculty Development and Evaluation:
    • I examine and evaluate your program and offer recommendations to improve it. I supply a model for such a program.
  • Faculty development and evaluation of individual faculty members.
    • Instruction on course preparation, syllabus preparation, mission integration (alignment of syllabus with school’s foundational documents), lesson plan preparation, Power Point preparation, conduct of class.
    • In-class evaluation of individual faculty members, including examination of lesson plan, in-class observation and evaluation, post-class feedback session.
  • Faculty Culture: I have developed a survey to assess this. I administer this to the faculty, tabulate the results, analyze the data, and present findings and recommendations.
  • Faculty Hiring and Retention: I offer a model for hiring faculty and offer advice for retaining your best faculty.
  • Faculty Service Awards Program: I supply a model for such a program.
  • Standards of Professional Excellence for Faculty: If you do not have such a set, I offer advice on how to build one.
  • The position of Dean of Faculty: If you do not have a designated dean of faculty, I make the case for one and offer a model job description. (See my essay in Independent School Magazine, Summer 2012. )
  • Faculty Colloquium: Research shows that a faculty culture of growth and development is critical to student achievement. Having a faculty colloquium program where teachers can show their passions is an excellent vehicle to promote such a culture. I offer a model for such a program.
  • Faculty Team-Building: As a ballroom dance instructor, I offer your faculty a class in which they share a fun experience together. (foxtrot, waltz, rumba, or swing.)

Academic Affairs:

 Boarding Programs:

  • I offer assistance in planning and implementing a boarding component at a day school.
  • I assess and offer recommendations for all aspects of boarding school life: residential and student affairs.

 International Student Affairs:

  • I help you plan and implement an international component at an American independent school.
  • I supply a model job description for an international student advisor.
  • I advise on International student-American student relations.
  • I help you implement programs to serve the international students.

o   International Student Dinner

o   International Food Night

o   International Student Leaders

o   International Flag Display


Mission Integration: Every school has a mission; however, not every school has a system in place to ensure the various curriculums and components of the school’s overall program are focused on it. I examine your school program, evaluate it in terms of your specific mission, and offer advice on aligning the various components to the mission statement.

Model United Nations Program: Having administered such a program for 20 years, I show you the benefits of a Model UN Program and help you launch such a program.

Contact:; (C) 401.714.4667

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