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Advice to Students, Part VII: The Tyranny of Technology

Be careful about the Tyranny of Technology. Technology can be very tantalizing. It has given us many benefits, but it has come also with its downside. Do not let technology be an end in itself, and do not let it control you. Use it to achieve your goals and to live a good life; do not let being connected digitally be your definition of a good life. It has been a bit sad. Ten years ago you and I interacted and greeted each other much more on our school’s pathways and hallways. Not so these days. We are too busy staying connected, not missing a thing in our social circles. Do not let digital interaction substitute for genuine, face-to-face interaction. If you do not guard against this, we are headed for a world in which we lose the ability to interact personally in real time, a world without personal phone calls, a world without written thank-you notes. Say no to drugs, and say no to the Tyranny of Technology.

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